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Get reliable company information about your clients, partners & competitors

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Better business information helps you make better business decisions. Our company information services put a range of tools and corporate intelligence at your disposal.


Use our company search to manage risks, market your products and services, and find the most reliable clients and partners.


Jordans works with many satisfied clients – from solicitors and banks, to charitable organisations and even motorsports teams. So whatever sector you're in, we'll work hard to provide the right business information, the first time around.


Choose the company information package that suits you best:

Company Search

Get detailed company information


  • Check credit, accounts and returns
  • Search UK and international
  • Search from just £5
Know Your Client (KYC)

Verify new clients effectively


  • Confirm existence and status of clients
  • Powerful fraud protection
  • Anti-money laundering reports

Document Image Bank

Companies House documents online

  • Access to 200 million+ documents
  • Maximum price just 50p per document
  • See an online demo

Nameguard IP Protection

IP protection for your business

  • Safeguard your company name
  • Set alerts for similar names
  • Take quick action

Document Monitoring

Track documents filed with Companies House

  • Monitor client and competitor activity
  • Set alerts for particular documents
  • Save time and energy

Marketing Data Services

Get valuable market data

  • Get marketing data and mailing lists
  • Analyse your market effectively
  • Gain a competitive advantage


Need help with company compliance and administration?

Jordansí Company Secretarial Services offer a full range of solutions.

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Why choose Jordans?

We are one of the UK's leading providers of business information, company reports, company searches and risk management products. To find out how our business information services can help you please contact us today on 0117 918 1283.


"At all times we have found Jordans to be diligent and supportive and would recommend their services to organisations similar to our own." SDEF



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