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Share certificates

Standard certificates


Jordans Standard Certificates are bound in books of 25, complete with counterfoils. Certificate size: 303mm x 208mm including counterfoil.


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Membership certificates (book of 25)

Fully paid shares (book of 25)

Fully paid ordinary shares (book of 25)

Fully paid preference shares (book of 25)




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Overprinted certificates

Our standard range of share certificates may be overprinted with your company name and other details. Please ask for more information.


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Overprinted certificates (book of 25)

Overprinted certificates (book of 50)

Overprinted certificates (2 books of 50)



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Minute Book (Bound)
A bound ruled book with A-Z index. 160 numbered pages. A4.
Minute Book (Loose-Leaf)
A4 ring binder containing Jordans Company Kit Minute Pages and five-division index.
Additional Minute Pages (minimum order 5)
£0.39 each
Minute Book (Loose-Leaf)
With tabbed A-Z index, 125 sheets white minute paper. Sheet size 305mm x 222mm. Fitted with a four-post lifter bar mechanism


Binder only £35.00
31LL/S Minute pages (minimum order of 5) £0.39 each
31LL/A-Z A - Z Index per set £30.00
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