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When a private company limited by shares is not the most appropriate corporate vehicle for you or your client, Jordans unrivalled depth of expertise and experience makes us the obvious choice. Our comprehensive, cost-effective service covers everything you need from checking if your chosen name is available (free of charge!) through to provision of all the necessary statutory documentation.


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Property Management Companies

Used to manage the whole or parts of a site or building on behalf of its owners, and to facilitate the management of a property by leaseholders.



Guarantee companies


Suitable for non-trading and non-charitable activities such as clubs, societies, trade associations, scientific or research or educational institutions.



Limited Liability Partnerships

LLPs enjoy the commercial benefits of being a corporate body with the flexibility and tax status of a partnership.




Jordans can offer you a tailor-made Public Limited Company.



Charitable Companies

Limited by guarantee, with a constitution designed to meet the requirements and expectations of the Charity Commission.


Unlimited Companies


We can register an unlimited company for you as a tailor-made company.


Professional practice Companies

Specific formation packages for both chartered and certified accountants, solicitors, chartered surveyors, dentists and architects.



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Compliance doesn't have to be a burden - let Jordans take care of your company's legal obligations

If you're in the business of forming companies for clients, choose Incorporator from Jordans; a fast, paperless online service that's ideal for your company formation needs.

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