Company formations

7 simple steps is all it takes to order your company and the whole process should take no more than 5 minutes. You'll find it helps to have all the information to hand before you start so use our checklist as a guide. Then begin by choosing the company package that suits you.

Whatever your reasons for seeking to register a company, we're here to help ensure that the company you choose is right for you. Most business will opt for a private limited company.  This can have one or more class of shares to suit your requirements.  But if that doesn't suit your needs, there are alternatives. A company limited by guarantee a limited liability partnershipprofessional practice company, or plc might be a better fit for your business. Or perhaps you're looking to set up a property management or community interest company – whatever your requirements, call us on 0117 918 1391.

Multiple share class companies - from £247.00 + vat

Generally, UK private limited companies opt to have only one share class: Ordinary Shares. Yet, different share classes shouldn't be viewed as something exclusively for large companies. It is possible, and in fact increasingly common, for even very small private companies to have more than one share class.

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Property Management Company - from £259.00 + vat

Used to manage the whole or parts of a site or building on behalf of its owners. For residential flats but also commercial or industrial property, companies can be limited by shares or guarantee. We can provide tailor-made companies with articles of association that provide for the automatic transfer of membership when dwelling or unit holders change. We can also provide weighted voting rights in favour of developers.

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Right to Manage Company - from £289.00 + vat

The Right to Manage allows leaseholders of flats to take over the management of the building in which their properties are situated. There is no need to show the landlord is at fault or pay any compensation for exercising the right.

Jordans can deal with all the requirements of incorporating a Right To Manage (RTM) company on your behalf.

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Guarantee Company - from £309.00 + vat

Suitable for non-trading and not-for-profit organisations, they make ideal corporate vehicles for clubs, societies, trade associations, scientific, research or educational institutions. Guarantee companies provide the benefit of corporate identity and limited liability but members do not expect to make a profit but instead they benefit from membership itself. We can provide tailor-made guarantee companies for use in all these circumstances.

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Limited Liability Partnerships - from £174.00 + vat

Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs) combine the benefits of unlimited capacity and corporate status (i.e. having a legal personality separate from its members) with the protection of limited liability for members and the ability to operate and be taxed as a partnership. LLPs do not have to file a constitution at Companies House, so their profit-sharing arrangements, decision-making structure, exit provisions and other internal rules remain private between the members.

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Public Limited Company - from £384.00 + vat

A Public Limited Company (PLC) may (but is not obliged to) raise capital by offering its shares to the public. Despite more onerous requirements both on incorporation and in terms of ongoing compliance, a PLC is often perceived as more prestigious and reputable so there may be commercial benefits.

As a consequence, we help many of our clients who form privately owned PLCs that operate as such simply for commercial kudos.

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Professional practice companies - from £POA + vat

Professional practices across many sectors are increasingly recognising the benefits of operating as a limited company.

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Community Interest Company - from £250.00 + vat

The CIC model is designed to provide an effective legal form for social enterprises that want to use their profits and assets for the public good. Their aim is to provide benefit to the community or to trade with a "social purpose," rather than to make a profit.

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Unlimited Company - from £275.00 + vat

Whilst it must be a private company, an unlimited liability company may or may not have a share capital. There is no limit to the liability of members in the event of the company being wound up. Otherwise, members are liable only for whatever sums remain unpaid on their shares.
If this is the right structure for you, Oswalds can help you with the registration of an unlimited company.

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Offshore company formation

Our sister company can help with the incorporation of offshore companies in most of the principal offshore financial centres. Our staff have extensive knowledge of international structures as well as high levels of experience managing multi-jurisdictional business for tax planning and dividend routing.

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Offshore trusts & foundations

Expertise in the creation and management of Trusts and Foundations as wealth planning vehicles. We are able to provide UK, Jersey and Seychelles Trusts. In the British Virgin Islands we establish and act as trustees on VISTA trusts.

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Offshore tax planning

Jordans Trust Company employ qualified tax professionals who work closely with tax specialists throughout the world to ensure that the offshore companies, foundations and trusts that we incorporate, register or create provide the tax and succession benefits envisaged.

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Jordans Business Start-Up Pack - Only £49 + VAT

Or for a discounted price of £30 + VAT when purchased as part of a formation package.

Don't be caught out by late filing fees and fines! Owners and directors have legal obligations. Our Pack contains all the essential information you need to meet your obligations and keep your business compliant. It contains books and factsheets giving you expert guidance across the whole spectrum of directors' duties, right through to employment procedures and template contracts. Worth over £150 when items are brought separately, you can download the Pack for a discounted price of just £30 if you buy now as part of your company formation.

Our Start-up Pack includes:

  • Running a Limited Company: A very popular publication which has been purchased by thousands of companies.

  • A Guide to Director's Duties: This answers your questions on the legal responsibilities of being a company director.

  • Guide on Employment Procedures: A helpful guide which talks you through the trips and traps associated with employment regulations.

  • Factsheets covering other legalistic topics: These include matters such as having proper data protection procedures in place, protecting your intellectual property and using a non-disclosure agreement to protect business information.

    For more details on the content of the Start-up Pack, click here and on the links above.
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Apostille service

If you'll be trading with your new company overseas and intend to open a bank account in that country, you may need to get your documents apostilled.

An apostille is a certification provided under The Hague Convention of 1961 for authenticating documents for use in foreign countries.

Many overseas countries now require you to provide documents that have been certified and legalised to prove that they are a true copy of the original.

Let Jordan's help you!

We'll obtain the document you require, send your document (with the appropriate fee) to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and within a few days your document will be posted back to you, legalised. It couldn't be simpler.

To learn more about Apostilles, have a read of our blog.

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Stationery and engraved products

Comply with your statutory obligations and enhance your company image with Jordans stationery and engraved products.

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Company Domain Names and Business Websites - From £20 + VAT

As soon as you register a business, you should secure the business domain name. Protecting your online identity helps prevent future problems and stops people from ‘sitting' on your web address.

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Business Accounting and Tax Services

Jordans' team of expert accountants, tax specialists and administrators offer a business accounting and tax service that frees you from the paperwork burden.

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Do you form companies on a regular basis?  Incorporator is specifically designed for repeat users and could save you time and money.  To find out how call us on 0117 918 1344.

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