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Every limited company must have a registered office.  This is an address where government bodies, like Companies House will send official documentation.  It is also the address where court documents must be served.  Clearly, it is vital that such correspondence comes to the attention of the company’s directors quickly.


With Jordans Registered Office facility, you can choose from prestigious addresses in London, Bristol, Edinburgh or Belfast. 


But the Jordans service is more than just an address.  Corporate identity theft is now a huge threat to all companies and we do all we can to protect our client companies.  Our registered office service includes free monitoring.  The complete service includes:

    - Prestigious registered office address
    - London, Bristol, Edinburgh or Belfast address
    - Receipt and forwarding of official mail and documents
    - Optional free monitoring
    - Ongoing check of all documents filed at Companies House
    - Provision of documents filed if required


£175.00 pa + VAT for registered office in Bristol

£240.00 pa + VAT for registered office in London

£175.00 pa + VAT for registered office in Edinburgh or Belfast.

Postage and a small handling charge of £1 for each item forwarded is also charged.

Please note that under no circumstances may this address be used as or be advertised as a trading or general correspondence address.



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