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Helping you to comply with the Bribery Act and minimise risk

Created as a direct result of Jordans’ own needs with respect to the Bribery Act and through work we have carried out for clients, Jordans has developed reliable, easy to implement solutions to help you comply with the Act.


The Compliance Pack
The Compliance Pack is intended to provide guidance for small and medium sized companies or limited liability partnerships incorporated and carrying on business in the UK with some international operations. 


Its key aim is to assist you in putting together your procedures.  However, it is up to you to consider the particular risks to which you are exposed given the nature and size of your organisation.


Register for our Compliance Support Pack and you have access to even more useful resources.


You can:

  • conduct your own risk assessment online
  • download our Bribery Act compliance pack, including comprehensive guidance notes and template documents, all designed to assist you in implementing your own anti-bribery procedures.
  • access practical training resources that will support you in briefing staff and other key stakeholders.
  • view frequently asked questions to help with your queries, or join our forum to pose a question of your own.

All documentation is provided electronically.


How much does the pack cost?
There is a one off licence fee of £300 + vat.  The pack is designed for application across a group of companies.




The Compliance Pack and consultancy support
This service is best suited to those organisations where there is a degree of complexity, size and higher risk operations, either in geographical or trading terms.

Whilst the Compliance Pack forms the basis of the service, it is tailored to the specific requirements of the organisation concerned.  The support provided is entirely bespoke and might typically involve identifying risks, implementing remedial actions and ensuring that appropriate training is cascaded throughout the organization.  Depending on specific requirements, use may also be made of interviews with key stakeholders, workshops, and face to face briefings.


How much does this cost?
In addition to the cost of the pack, consultancy support is provided at a day rate of £750 + vat.


Who should I contact for further information?

Email  or call Adam Wadsley on 0117 918 1339.


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