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If your private limited company was incorporated before 1 October 2009, you may need to make some constitutional changes in order to benefit from the deregulatory provisions that came into force under the Companies Act 2006. To make sure you are getting the most from the changes and are complying with the new rules, let us review your company's constitution with the Jordans Company Healthcheck.

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  • Review of your company's current constitution
  • Comprehensive checklist of areas in need of revision
  • Recommendations for future action
  • Clear information and practical suggestions for updating
  • Guidance on amendments appropriate to your company

Our service is available for private companies limited by shares.

 Fee: 140 + VAT.


Why use Jordans for reviewing your memorandum and articles?

  • Dedicated, experienced staff
  • Specialist expertise

  • Comprehensive, reliable service


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