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Preference and redeemable shares

Preference shares and redeemable shares can put the correct structures in place to allow for third party investment in the company, establish different voting, dividend and repayment rights or to enable capital contributions be repaid to the holder. 

Important note: Independent professional advice should be sought on the taxation consequences of issuing shares with differing class rights.

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  • Obtaining the current constitution and company information from the public file
  • Providing new articles of association setting out the rights and restrictions to be attached to the new classes of shares
  • Providing all necessary minutes, resolutions and forms to create the new share classes
  • Providing explanatory notes on the new provisions and consequential matters, as appropriate
  • Checking and filing the resolutions and forms at Companies House
  • Printing 6 bound copies of the new articles of association.

From 575.00 + VAT  


Why use Jordans for preference shares?

  • Dedicated, experienced staff
  • Specialist expertise

  • Comprehensive, reliable documentation

Jordans can also help with redemption of redeemable shares.  Please contact the Corporate Legal Services team for details.


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