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Recreating statutory records

Have your statutory registers got in a muddle or gone missing?  Jordans can help. It is important to keep statutory records up-to-date, as certain registers may be inspected by the public. The records may also be inspected if a sale is proposed or if you wish to raise further finance. Incomplete registers may also affect a member's legal title to shares.

Contact us to discuss your requirements

  • A review of any existing company records, the public record, articles of association and any minutes of company meetings
  • Completion of registers and advice on any further action that may be required
  • Advice on any filing needed
  • A set of statutory registers


Why use Jordans for recreating statutory records?

  • Dedicated, experienced staff
  • Ongoing support - we have a range of administration services to help you keep the company up-to-date
  • Specialist expertise


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Helen Goose

Corporate Law Manager

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Helen Goose

Adam Wadsley

Corporate Legal Services Executive

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Adam Wadsley
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