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London 2012: Flexible working can cut business costs


Rolling out flexible working over this summer's Olympic Games could help firms save on energy bills.

Telecoms firm O2 said it ran a home working pilot to tests its 'Olympic readiness' and found the trial slashed its corporate emissions.

The one-day scheme, in February, saw more than 2,500 O2 employees work remotely, with just 125 workers left stationed in the company's Slough HQ.

O2 said it halved its water use on the day and saw electricity consumption drop by 12 per cent.

Many workers also said they were more productive – and spent the extra time gained from not commuting with their families or enjoying leisure time.

"The success of [the] experiment... shows that businesses really can make significant and lasting reductions to their environmental impact, in a multitude of areas," Ben Dowd, business director for O2, said.

"Above all though, it demonstrates that the principles underlying flexible working really are the principles that will build the future of work, and determine the way that people, technology and buildings interact in the decades and centuries ahead."

The Games kick off on July 27th.


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