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Interested in joining us here at Jordans'  Read on to find out about the company, our current vacancies, the benefits of working for us and how to get in touch.

The wide range of services we offer makes Jordans an interesting place to work for people from a wide range of  professional, administrative and distribution backgrounds.  Jordans is a well-established company known for its professionalism and personal service, so we are particularly interested in recruiting staff who can help us maintain and build on these core values. 

We can offer a pleasant work environment across our offices around the world, with some valuable benefits to boot.  We're delighted that many of our employees have received one (or in some cases more than one!) of our generous long service awards so overall we think we're doing a pretty good job.

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Lynne Reece

Head of Human Resources

(0117) 918 1315

Jordans Limited, Bristol: London: 020 7400 3333