Data Match & Append

Tap into one of the most extensive databases available to clean and enhance your data and make it even more powerful and valuable to your business.

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Clean and enhance your data

The data we hold on internal systems is always changing and quality can erode by up to 40% per year.  The success of your marketing activity will depend on accurate data so poor data management could be very costly to your business.

  • To receive a free data audit simply send your company data as a CSV file in the format displayed in this sample to  
  • We will match your data to our database of over 7 million companies and produce your free data audit which will identify important areas within your data set.  It will also highlight where we have additional data to enhance and add value to your existing database.
  • A picklist will be sent with your audit. To take advantage of the additional data that we have available, you will need to complete and return the picklist to
  • We will provide a quote based on the size of your file and the additional data that you require.
  • We aim to deliver your clean and enhanced file within 2 to 3 days by email or FTP dependent on your specific requirements.

Please note - we can only match and clean data relating to limited companies

Sample Data Audit

Take a look at how we can clean and enhance your data.

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