Limited company glossary

Below, we've outlined the differences between our company formations packages, detailed their constituent parts and explained the associated benefits.

This will help you to make an informed decision about which package is right for your new business.

Company formation packages

A private company limited by shares is by far the most common type of company and it's the one that most businesses choose.


Provides you with everything you'll need to form your new company, provided you already have some company law knowledge and the time to fill-in your registers yourself.


Offers everything the Standard Formation does but, if you don't have the time or expertise to fill-in your registers, with Formation Plus we'll take care of all of this for you.

Registered office

Designed for those that also require a Registered Office Address for receipt of official mail from Companies House and HMRC. Choose a Bristol or Edinburgh address for your company's registered office. We can provide a prestigious London address for a small premium.

Full Secretarial

Setting-up and running a new company comes with daunting corporate responsibilities. With this pack our Corporate Government team will make sure your statutory books are up-to-date, file your confirmation statements and send out reminders regarding your accounts. Basically, we'll be there for you and provide all the support you'll need during your first year (and beyond!).

In addition, for customers living outside the UK without a UK address, by selecting the Full Secretarial package you can choose either Jordans Bristol or Edinburgh address for your company's registered office. We can provide a prestigious London address for a small premium.

Registry fees

Fees required to register your new company with Companies House.

Electronic certificate of incorporation

Official document provided by Companies House which confirms the company number, name and date. It is provided as a PDF.

Printed certificate of incorporation

Official document provided by Companies House (above), but we'll provide you with a printed copy.

Electronic Jordans articles of association with model articles

Your company will be formed with Jordans new articles of association relevant to your particular company type. These articles have been settled after consultation with counsel from leading chambers and have been drafted to combine the advantages of the model articles with a range of additional powers. They provide an easy-to-follow, flexible constitution that will suit the needs of most businesses.

Bound copies of Jordans articles of association together with model articles

This is the articles of association with model articles (above), but we'll provide you with printed copies.

Company register

All the statutory compliance you need to keep by law. It includes the register of directors, register of members, share certificates and more.

Form AA01 to change the company's accounting reference date

By default, Companies House will automatically provide your accounting reference date as the last day of the month in which your company is incorporated. If you want to change the date, this is the form you'll need.

First board minutes, completed company registers and share certificates

We'll complete the first board minutes, initial register of directors, initial register of members and share certificates on your behalf. These can be delivered electronically or via hard copy format.

Registered Domain name of your choice

Secure your internet presence with this service.

Business email and website hosting

Get your business off on the right foot with our email and website hosting service.

Maintenance of company registers

Part of our Company Secretarial package.

Preparation and filing of confirmation statement

Part of our Full Secretarial package.

Accounts reminders and approval

Part of our Full Secretarial package.

Company Secretary and registered office in Bristol or Edinburgh, London for a small premium

Part of our Full Secretarial package.

Free online access to your company records

Jordans own system called Connect will allow you to look at your company registers online via a password protected sign-in.

Copy of company incorporation documents from Companies House

Once Companies House has received and processed all of the information supplied, you will receive a copy of the electronic data they've put on their records (IN01E) and a copy of your articles. This allows you to see and check exactly what is on the public files about your new business.


"We are most grateful for your assistance and would like to thank particularly Lee Date and Glenys Copeland. The cheerful manner in which your assistance was provided has been very much appreciated."

Peter Cross JCP Solicitors, Swansea