Karen Bowley

UK Company Formations Manager

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Karen Bowley

With her focus on specialised companies, Karen is the go-to expert for complex company formations.

Karen has been with Jordans for more than 30 years and currently advises on the incorporation of a wide range of structures, for organisations such as football clubs, solicitors firms, Right to Manage companies and in particular, those with more complex share structure requirements.

Depending on the level of assistance clients require, she might also help to provide first board minutes and statutory registers. Part of her role is to liaise with clients to develop bespoke company formation packages that will meet their needs exactly.

Prior to joining the Company Formations team, Karen was part of the Corporate Law, Credit Control and Accounts teams.

She is qualified as a specialist paralegal in company law.

4 ways to protect your company name

One of the most important steps in forming a new company is choosing the name. The company name may hold personal significance, reflect a renowned history or be pivotal to what you are selling. But what if another business set itself up with a similar name to yours, or worse still, used your chosen company name before you had the chance to protect it yourself?   Being able to guard...

Articles of Association – Get it right at the start

All companies require either the model articles or bespoke articles of association upon incorporation and it is these articles which outline the rules that the company’s officers must adhere to when running the company. It is often the case that these articles should be as unique as your business and therefore, during the company formation process, we offer a choice of...

How do I correct a mistake on the public register for my company?

Occasionally, we get questions from clients about how to fix errors about their company on the public register. The source of the errors may be for a variety of reasons, but the path to getting them corrected is usually by using the form RP02A. What is the form RP02A? The RP02A form is required by Companies House when you need to rectify information about your company. If...

Property management companies: Limited by shares or guarantee?

As buy-to-let properties continue to increase in popularity, we have been seeing an increase in the number of requests we get for property management company formations. We also get a lot of questions about which is the best route to incorporation for this type of company - limited by shares or by guarantee? Let’s take a closer look at the company types to help determine which one...

What is a Process Agent?

Process agent. It sounds a bit ominous, doesn’t it? Like a menacing villain in a James Bond film. He’s bringing something, but it isn’t flowers. The good news is process agents are actually quite useful and can be helpful in certain types of business transactions involving court proceedings. This week we are spotlighting process agents with our sister company, Jordans Trust Company. ...


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