Nikki Bedford

Company Formations Executive

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Nikki Bedford

Nikki is the newest member of the Jordans team having recently graduated with a law degree from the University of the West of England. Her degree included company law and has given her a strong knowledge of company types, articles and formations. She is a people person with a customer service background including sales, teaching English to foreign students and duties as a lifeguard.

Working mostly with accountants or sole traders, Nikki's day typically involves talking to clients to ascertain what company type is best for them, advising them on the availability and restrictions of certain names, ensuring they know what information to provide and forming the company itself.

Nikki enjoys the fast-paced nature of formations, the opportunity to talk to clients, the variety of what she does and sitting within a great team. She is looking forward to learning more about specialised companies and is keen to produce and amend articles on behalf of clients in the future.


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