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Company Formations Executive

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Tom Wakerley

As a key contact for many of our largest clients, Tom provides practical support on setting up all types of companies in the UK.

Following a successful career in retail, Tom joined Jordans in July 2005.  He now makes good use of his customer service and business administration skills, working with a diverse range of clients – from major law firms through to entrepreneurs, advising on all aspects of the company formation process.

Tom is also first point of contact for clients of Incorporator, our online company formation system who rely on him for day-to-day support and he is increasingly involved in post-incorporation work for a major client.

Your company formation questions answered

What are the top 10 questions asked when forming a limited company?   The process of forming a new limited company can be daunting and quite possibly the first legal hurdle you will need to cross before launching your business. Although there are no forms to sign and the process of incorporation is relatively quick and simple, you will need to ensure you have all the...

Can I reserve a company name?

This is another common company formation question. There is no mechanism that allows you to reserve a company name with the intention of incorporating the company at a later date. So, the simple answer is no, it is not possible to reserve a company name . If you are concerned about someone else taking a specific name, then the only way to safeguard this is to register a company...


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