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We’ll take care of your corporate governance, while you take care of your business.

Jordans are experts in providing governance to both listed and private companies.  Our service is best described as ‘a la carte’ – we can support you however much you need us to.


Our expertise and knowledge across all industry sectors benefits all of our clients alike - no matter how big or small.  


Choose a secretarial service that suits your business:



Packaged Compliance Services

Secretarial services, fixed annual fees



Company Secretarial and Corporate Governance

A bespoke package tailored to your needs



Company Secretarial Software

Simplify your company secretarial administration




Yet to register your company?

Jordans is the UK’s leading company formation agent. Visit our company formation services page for more info.


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Carmen Stevens

Assistant Manager, Corporate Governance

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Carmen Stevens

Angela Cotton

Head of Corporate Governance

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Angela Cotton
Why choose Jordans?

Working with an expert partner makes excellent business sense - and we’ve been doing this for
more than 135 years. Contact us to discuss your company secretarial requirements today.

Corporate reporting in 2014

Most companies are now required to produce a ‘new style’ annual report. 

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