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Keeping on top of your statutory requirements can be a drain on valuable business resources when your attention is needed elsewhere.

Whether you're responsible for the statutory obligations of a single company or are a professional adviser managing a larger portfolio of companies, you need a reliable system that's simple to use and helps you stay on top.  PCSec provides a no-stress, user-friendly way to manage your time-critical deadlines and meet all your regulatory demands. 

Legislation is constantly changing and there is rarely any shortage of reforms for companies to get to grips with. Because PCSec is brought to you by Jordans, you can be confident that the system will always comply with current company law and Companies House requirements. So the small business owner no longer needs to fret over understanding every minute detail of the latest changes to the law, nor does the professional adviser helping their clients manage multiple companies. Suitable for all of these situations, PCSec relieves the burden of company administration.

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Read what some of our clients have to say about PCSec:

"I'm often asked to change but PCSec is easy to use and competitively priced with great support. In essence, it just works!"
- Liesl Sowerbutts, Sowerbutts & Co. Accountants, Camberley.

"Over many years, PCSec has proved an invaluable aid to us in providing company administration support to our clients."
- Tom Nicholson, Company Secretary & Corporate Paralegal, Wiggin LLP.

"As a professional organisation, here at the PGA we take our legal obligations very seriously. PCSec is a great help in ensuring our corporate compliance obligations are met."
- Emma Hadlow, PGA National Headquarters

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