The Confirmation Statement

In June 2016, the Confirmation Statement replaced the Annual Return. At least one Confirmation Statement must be filed every 12 months but additional Confirmation Statements can be filed on a voluntary basis during the year. The first Confirmation Statement filed in a 12 month period will carry a fee, whilst subsequent Confirmation Statements filed during the 12 months will be free of charge.

Previously, companies had 28 days from the ‘made up to' date in which to file an Annual Return whereas companies now have only 14 days from the ‘confirmation date' in which to file a Confirmation Statement.

The Confirmation Statement is made up of two parts - The Confirmation Statement and Additional Information.

The Confirmation Statement itself is a simple declaration that the following information, as held at Companies House, is correct:

  • Registered office
  • SAIL address & company records
  • Officer appointments

The Confirmation Statement cannot be used to change any of this information. Any amendments will have to be filed, using the appropriate form, before submitting the Confirmation Statement. A company's first Confirmation Statement must include all the following Additional Information:

  • Part 1 - SIC Code(s) for principal business activities
  • Part 2 - Statement of capital
  • Part 3 - Trading status of shares
  • Part 4 - Shareholder information
  • Part 5 - PSC information

Subsequent Confirmation Statements filed will only have to include Additional Information if there have been any changes since the last filing, with the exception of PSC changes which will be notified using new standalong PSC forms.

The Confirmation Statement is a 2 page form called a CS01. The Confirmation Statement Additional Information totals 28 pages and is called CS01 Additional Information. For LLPs, the forms to file are LLCS01 and LLCS01 Additional Information.

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