Four legal issues every business should know about

Whether you operate as a limited company or not, there are legal issues every business, small or large, needs to consider in order to reduce their risk.  With your business at the forefront of your considerations, ask yourself these questions:

Terms and conditions

Are you minimising your legal risks by clearly setting out your obligations and liability to your customers in terms and conditions of sale?

Website compliance

Do you know the compulsory information that must be set out on your website? Do your website and your confirmatory emails comply with the rules around giving your customer a right to cancel?

Data protection

Are you confident you know what you’re allowed to do with the information you gather from your customers? What about the law around email marketing and cold calling?

Employment contracts and policies

Are you complying with all the employment rules so as to minimise the risk of expensive and time-consuming employment claims?  If an employee leaves, have you made sure they cannot take with them valuable information about your business?

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