Bright spark joins our Company Formations team

Nikki Bedford is the newest member of Jordans Company Formations team having recently graduated with a law degree from the University of the West of England in Bristol.

Here, Nikki tells us a little bit about her background, the challenges her new role presents and what the future might hold for her and the company formations sector...

Q: Why did you choose to study Law at university?

A: Ever since I left primary school I knew that it was going to be my degree of choice.

I’ve always been interested in the way the law shapes our lives, how it can open up debates and how the law can change to suit the ever changing society that we live in.

I was also interested in pursuing a career in the legal sector as I wanted to be part of a profession that our society depends on.

At the same time, I realised that if I decided to pursue an alternative career path whilst I was at university then the degree would be an excellent springboard into a wide range of other professions.

Q: How do your previous jobs help you in your role at Jordans?

A: All my previous roles have involved customer service, be this in retail positions, working as a lifeguard or even working as a children’s party host!

Whilst these roles didn’t entail the administrative nature of my current role, they required me to help customers make the best decisions for them. This aspect is relevant in my role at Jordans as I now help clients choose and set up the type of company that is best for them (e.g. whether they need a property management company or a general trading company).

Since joining, I’ve become more efficient and also learned how politeness and friendliness helps set our business apart from other company formations providers.

Q: What do you enjoy most about your role?

A: I enjoy the role as it draws upon some of the knowledge of company law that I accrued during my degree and it’s rewarding to put that into practice. I get to learn new things every day and work as part of a team who share their wealth of experience and expertise with me. 

I’m slowly acquiring my own clients who choose to contact me directly to help them set up different types of companies, so it’s satisfying to know that I am providing them a good service. The role suits me as I enjoy helping people and being part of the personable service that Jordans offers.

Q: What are the challenges you face in your role?

A: The most challenging aspect has been when I’ve not known all the answers to some of our customers’ queries – so I look forward to knowing much more as my time here progresses.

Another challenge has been prioritising workload. We get lots of phone calls and emails and sometimes I wish I had eight pairs of hands – but then I do enjoy always being busy!

Q: What are you looking forward to achieving in your role?

A: To continue to develop and expand my knowledge of company formation.

Q: What are you hoping to do in the future?

A: Alongside working at Jordans, I’m undertaking the postgraduate Legal Practice Course (LPC) and I’m looking forward to seeing where that additional qualification will take me.

I feel the LPC course is already assisting me in my current role by increasing my understanding of the differences between different types of companies and drafting the articles of association for tailor made companies.

I’m very much enjoy working for Jordans, so if there are opportunities for me here in five years’ time then that would be ideal.

Q: Finally, what are the trends you’re noticing in company formations?

A: More and more sole traders are incorporating private companies with limited liability and this could be because of the challenges they face as a result of economic uncertainty


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