Can I incorporate my new company on a specific day?

Following up on our previous blog, this is another question our company formation team is asked quite frequently.

While it is possible, there are some restrictions to keep in mind. Occasionally new business owners ask about specific dates because it may carry special significance. In most cases, however, speed is the prevailing reason for a specific or same day company incorporation.

To have your company formed on a specific day or in the same day, you first have to ensure you’ve submitted your information to our team by no later than 1:30pm. After 1:30pm, we cannot guarantee that the information will be filed at Companies House in time, so it is important to plan ahead and make sure you have all the required details.

Same day service is possible for most company types and submission is made electronically, although currently some types of companies can only be registered with the traditional paper forms (Community Interest Company, Unlimited and Limited Partnership). Same day service is unfortunately not available with Community Interest Companies. Also be aware that same day services incur extra cost in addition to the cost of forming your company.

When is it not possible?

Any electronic applications submitted on a weekend will not be registered until the next working day so if you decide to place an order on a Saturday, for example, the company will not be formed until Monday. Dates that fall upon UK bank holidays are also not possible to register a new company.

If you have additional questions about setting up a company on a specific day or would like assistance with the process, please contact our Company Formations Team on 0117 918 1391.


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