Can I reserve a company name?

This is another common company formation question. There is no mechanism that allows you to reserve a company name with the intention of incorporating the company at a later date. So, the simple answer is no, it is not possible to reserve a company name. If you are concerned about someone else taking a specific name, then the only way to safeguard this is to register a company with the required name(s).

We often field this question about reserving company names because businesses are seeking to protect their trading name or even a product brand name. NameGuard, offered by our Business Information Team, is an ideal solution for keeping tabs on a company name if you need to monitor any new company registrations arising with similar names. The best kept secret about NameGuard is that you can use this service even if you haven't registered a company yet and simply wish to track certain names.

Two important tips to remember about new company names and your new company registration:

  • Remember that registering a company (along with the name) is separate from a web domain name. Web domain names and company names are not one in the same and must be registered separately.
  • Remember that registering the company does not mean you have to start trading straight away. The company can be registered and remain in a dormant state until you are ready to commence trading.

If for some reason you no longer wish to keep the company active, you simply need to apply to have it struck off the register to be dissolved.

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