How do I correct a mistake on the public register for my company?

Occasionally, we get questions from clients about how to fix errors about their company on the public register. The source of the errors may be for a variety of reasons, but the path to getting them corrected is usually by using the form RP02A.

What is the form RP02A?

The RP02A form is required by Companies House when you need to rectify information about your company. If your company falls outside of the Companies Act 2006 or the Overseas Companies Regulations 2009, then you should not use the RP02A.

Why would you need to use this form?

You would use the RP02A to rectify information on the register that:

  • is invalid or ineffective,
  • done without the authority of the company,
  • is factually inaccurate or is derived from something factually inaccurate or forged

Appointments of directors or secretaries, a change in director or secretary, or the termination of appointment of a directory or secretary are just a few of the reasons you may need to use the RP02A.

What can you not use this form for?

You cannot use the RP02A form to rectify the company’s registered office address or the UK establishment address or where previously submitted information was unnecessary or inconsistent with information previously provided.

Any information or forms submitted under the Companies Act 1985 or before 1st October 2009 cannot use the form RP02A.

When could you use this form? (Removal of Directors appointment from the form IN01)

To further illustrate when it would be appropriate to use this form, let’s look at the following example:

A new private limited company appoints Mr. X and Mrs. Y as director, shareholder and PSCs. Mrs Y was only required to be shareholder & PSC.

The RP02A paper form can be completed to remove Mrs. Y from the public file, but you must ensure you clearly indicate the person to be removed.

The registrar will write to all directors to confirm the removal. The waiting period is 28 days to confirm if there are any objections to the removal. If no objections are received, the information will then be rectified on the register.

How can we help?

Sometimes, managing all that company paperwork just gets to be too much when you’ve got other business matters needing your attention on a daily basis. Our team of company formation experts will work to ensure your new company is right the first time, every time, and our dedicated corporate governance specialists can take care of all your company administration needs.

Not sure how to fill out the RP02A or if you even need it? Give us a call.



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