Is company secretarial software right for me?

Every company has certain statutory obligations that it needs to fulfil. Keeping on top of them can be a drain on valuable resources that might be more profitably employed elsewhere in your business. Whether you’re responsible for the Companies House compliance of a single company, the management of a golf club with hundreds of members, or are a professional adviser managing a larger portfolio of companies, having a reliable company secretarial system in place will help you stay on top of your to-do list.

You could of course maintain the statutory registers manually and make the necessary filings at Companies House using paper forms. Using proprietary software will not only make life easier but ensure ongoing compliance.

PCSec is simple to use company secretarial software from Jordans that provides a no-stress, user-friendly way to manage your deadlines and meet your regulatory demands. Developed, maintained and used every day by our own team of governance specialists, PCSec offers a simple, straightforward way of taking care of all your corporate administration requirements.

Simplify tasks

No matter what your company secretarial experience or the volume of companies you are responsible for, PCSec simplifies some of the more complicated company secretarial tasks. It easily produces all the relevant documentation including share certificates, minutes and resolutions and using a Companies House-approved electronic filing module, PCSec allows you to file directly with the registry in one process. Although PCSec can perform a variety of tasks, some of the most popular features include:

  • User-controlled e-filing at Companies House
  • Automatically producing the required form to complete a transaction
  • The ability to check data against that which is held at Companies House
  • An audit trail of actions, automatically recording any changes made
  • A dedicated helpline support service for any queries you may have

Up to date 

Legislation is constantly changing and there is rarely any shortage of reforms for companies to get to grips with. Because PCSec is brought to you by Jordans, you can be confident that the system will always comply with current company law and Companies House requirements.

In 2016 PCSec users were not only able to create and maintain their People of Significant Control (PSC) registers when the new legislation was introduced, but were among the first to be able to file the CS01s at Companies House. This demonstrates Jordans’ ongoing commitment to software development and a pledge to keep PCSec up to date with continued changes in legislation.

In the coming month, major changes will come into effect relating to how PSC updates are filed at Companies House. Until 26 June 2017, these updates will be filed using the CS01 Confirmation Statement which can be done directly through PCSec. With the forthcoming changes, PSC updates will need to be filed using specific PSC forms instead. Users of PCSec can be confident that with a software update released in sufficient time, PCSec will automatically identify which form will need to filed based on the PSC update made by the user.

There are regular changes to company law and PCSec helps relieve the burden of understanding the finest details, simplifying your company administration. Find out how PCSec can help you keep on top of your company’s filing deadlines and download a free trial today.


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