Jordans Employee Spotlight: Glenys Copeland

Over one hundred years of experience can be found within the Jordans Limited Company Formation team, and thirty-seven of those belong to Glenys Copeland. She is one of our most experienced Company Formation Executives. Usually found on the phone advising our clients about forming a variety of companies or helping to manage the flow of information exchanged with Companies House, she has even been known to bring in her amazing homemade cupcakes to share with colleagues now and then!

From cupcakes to company formation expertise, read on to learn more about Glenys:

Q: Where did your career with Jordans begin?
A: I started as temporary staff in the Accounts Department. From there I went on to serve in several other Accounts roles managing invoices and payments.

Q: When did you join the Company Formations team?
A: In early 1986. At the time it was called the Company Formation Production Unit and involved preparing all the paper documents to send to Companies House for incorporation.

Q: What is the biggest change you’ve seen in company formations over the years?
A: Years ago it could take several weeks to get your company registered. Today we can usually complete the process in minutes and your company is formed within a few hours. Of course, nowadays, we offer electronic formation services not only for the popular private company limited by shares, but specialist company types such as guarantee or multiple share classes.

Q: Please tell us about an experience on the company formations team you found particularly rewarding or memorable?
A: I find that most things are rewarding when you help the customer succeed. We have also had the privilege of forming companies for a few high profile UK celebrities in recent years. A very well-known chef and comedian are among them.

Q: What about the strangest or most unusual experience you’ve had helping clients form their companies?
A: I’ve had a few slightly unusual experiences, and sometimes they come from a new company having special requirements. Recently, we incorporated a company with 14 different share classes! The usual is one or two!

Q: What advice would you give new business owners setting up a limited company for the first time?
A: I would say there are many benefits to incorporating a limited company, but be sure it is right for you and you’re aware of the obligations you’re taking on.

Q: What’s your favourite part about your role?
A: One of my favourite parts is dealing with and helping our customers over the phone. I also really enjoy working with my colleagues on the Company Formations team. What you’ve heard about lovely people at Jordans isn’t hype. It’s true!


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