Jordans Limited achieves ISO 27001 certification

We are pleased to announce that Jordans Limited recently achieved ISO 27001 certification. The impetus towards ISO 27001 certification began with a requirement within our Business Information services team. The team had to achieve this essential level of compliance because newly available government data is now only accessible to credit rating agencies with the ISO 27001 standard.

What is ISO 27001?

ISO 27001 is an internationally recognised standard which helps organisations keep their information assets secure. These information assets include intellectual property, financial or other sensitive information entrusted with these organisations by their clients. Importantly it need not just concern digitally held data, but includes all types of paperwork as well. ISO 27001 helps organisations create a framework to keep their vital information and data secure through an information security management system (ISMS).

How we did it

Due to the stringent framework imposed by the process, all of the other departments of Jordans Ltd adopted the new standards. The certification process was managed internally by a six person Information Security Management team led by representatives from our I.T. and facilities management team. The ISMS team was responsible for amongst other things, preparing documentation, raising staff awareness and implementing the new procedures and systems effectively.

The support and cooperation of everyone in the organisation was required as working practices were required to change en masse. From simple things like disposing of sensitive documents in secured bins, to larger changes such as ensuring that security access entry cards are displayed whilst on the premises or complying with the clear desk policy.

The assessors from the British Standards Institution (BSI) made a number of site visits, interviewed staff members and monitored our continued advancement through the process. Jordans Ltd was successful and since the award was made we have continued to update our information security and systems.

What’s next

Our success in achieving ISO 27001 certification reiterates our commitment to our customers to provide high quality professional services and also represents new opportunities to work with additional types of government and corporate customers.

We’re very pleased to expand our service capabilities with this certification. It would seem a bit strange to us now to reverse any of these changes. So ask yourself, would you trust a company with your sensitive financial information that isn’t ISO 27001 certificated?

For further information about Jordan's ISO 27001 certification or our Business Information services, please get in touch.






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