Law and accounting – building stronger relationships through networking

Having worked with Legal and Accountancy practices for over a century, we identified a need for closing the gap between those two sectors. We are delighted to announce the launch of regional networking groups to help build stronger relationships between accounting and legal professionals. 

law and accounting - working together

At Jordans we provide, among others, accounting and legal services to our clients, which taught us those two disciplines are interconnected on many levels. 

“The driver for creating this online network”, explains Chris Mayfield - Senior Manager at Jordans “was a recognition that legal and accounting firms are often working with the same clients on the same transactions. Building stronger connections between the two sectors will help open doors to new opportunities and open minds into how the other half work, ultimately helping to deliver a better service to the end client.”

With this goal in mind, we have created 3 regional online groups which can be accessed via LinkedIn through the following links:

Regional networking events 
The concept behind the online groups is to provide a space through which individual members and regional firms can raise their profile and build connections through sharing their own articles and professional insight. Once a ‘critical mass’ has been reached in terms of member numbers in each group, the first regional networking events will be launched.

“The regional events will provide a fantastic opportunity to grow your local network across the legal and accounting sectors” says Chris. “But perhaps more important is the opportunity to learn from fellow legal and accounting professionals in the region and uncover new opportunities for growth.”

Member firms will be offered the opportunity to raise their profile by hosting a regional event at their offices, whilst individual members will also have a profile-raising opportunity through a number of speaking slots available at each session.

There is no cost to join the online groups and only a nominal fee is expected to cover costs at each event. More information about the groups and about hosting and speaking opportunities will be posted directly into the online links listed above.

If you have a LinkedIn account, it takes just a few seconds to join and no personal or financial information is required at the point of joining.

To speak to a member of the Jordans team directly about the regional networking groups, please contact Chris Mayfield, Senior Business Development Manager on 0117 918 1388 or email to


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