The UK Registry reaches ten million companies

Today, on 11th February, 2016, the Companies House Registry added its 10,000,000th company.

This means 10,000,000 new companies have been incorporated since recordkeeping began at Companies House. That’s a lot of entrepreneurs and new businesses!

This impressive record also reflects that the UK is still one of the most globally sought after places to do business in the world today.  A look into the history books shows that the oldest active company still on the register today is company number 00,000,006. Marine and General Mutual Life Assurance Society was registered on 25th October 1862 and remains active today. Records on company numbers 1 – 5 are understandably quite a bit more challenging to come by.

Things have certainly changed since 1862, but we have a long history at Jordans (we've been around since 1863) of providing exceptional service and expert advice for your business, from day one to the day-to-day.  If you’re planning to make your new company 10,000,001 or higher, give us a call today and our company formations team will be happy to help you get started. If you're not quite sure what you'll need to get your new company registered, check out our new company checklist to find out more about what you'll need.


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