Top regional newspaper chooses Jordans business data again.

We were delighted to be consulted once again by the Western Daily Press to provide data on the South West’s top companies for this year’s Business Guide.

In last year’s guide, we highlighted how the most successful business were increasingly focusing on risk management. It is clear that this is a progressing trend given the growing numbers utilizing our company information reports and company monitoring services. Our compliance and professional services (e.g. accounting or Bribery Act Support) are also coming into play when businesses consider their risk management. Prudent operational procedures are critical but it is possible to be compliant whilst being creative in business development and this is where business information is valuable.

These successful companies make use of detailed business data and analyses to determine trends in sectors and markets which best support their own investment and sales activity. e.g. Researching territories and sectors where the insolvency outlook is favourable for developing tactics to exploit opportunity and mitigate risk.

Prudence and compliance notwithstanding, there’s no doubt companies in this region face a challenging future. However, close scrutiny of the data we supply detailing new entrants to the Top 150, confirms the region continues to be rich in innovation and entrepreneurial spirit.

It would be easy to gloss over the struggles that are still very real for many businesses in the region irrespective of manifesto promises and Downing Street strategies. It is clear that small business funding is still difficult to acquire. It’s also clear that the Euro crisis and ongoing deficit reduction measures will not make our lives any more certain over the next twelve months. However, one of the real pleasures in supporting the Annual Business Guide with Jordans company data is that, in writing an accompanying editorial and reviewing the underlying data we collect, I get the opportunity to examine the business community with a fresh perspective. When you do this it’s equally clear that there is much to be positive about; sometimes we have to just look a little harder for it but having reliable data to hand is the next best thing to a crystal ball.

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