UK Company Formations: London 2014 – 2015

This week we have a look at the Inner London and Outer London company formation trends from March 2014 to March 2015, courtesy of our business information team.

Remaining one of the top economic powerhouses in the world over the last several years, London continues to rank in the top 10 most economically influential cities across several different metrics.

Overall, the Inner London region experienced 10.21% growth in company formations for this twelve month period with rather dramatic changes in some of the specifics areas of the city. London WC (Western Central) saw tremendous growth at 95.79%, while London N (North) experienced nearly as much coming in at 85.45%. At the opposite end of the spectrum, London EC (Eastern Central) saw a significant decrease of -56.89% in new company formations.

The Outer London region saw a bit higher increase in new companies at 12.83% growth. Watford saw the greatest increase for the region with 42.15% over this twelve month period. The most modest growth was in Croydon with .95%, though the majority of the specific areas of Outer London had new company formations growth on average with other regions across the UK which have averaged roughly between 9 and 12%.

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