We're supporting Start up Britain - are you?

“The people best placed to help business are the people who do business."

So said David Cameron on Monday as the Government launched a major new campaign aimed at new entrepreneurs, under the heading “Start up Britain”.

The campaign is designed to deliver help and advice from existing businesses and entrepreneurs to new businesses. It has already attracted support from some major companies in terms of discounted services, marketing and mentoring.

Over 270,000 new businesses start up in the UK every year and Jordans see many of these come through its offices, phone lines  and website. We all hope that this campaign and associated website, which although Government endorsed, is not Government funded, will be a vital tool in kick-starting the economy. As Cameron said: “The recovery we need is a private sector-led recovery, a recovery with ‘Made in Britain’ stamped all over it”.

Jordans understands the importance of start ups. We help hundreds of entrepreneurs every year by forming companies for them, tailoring the company documents for them, providing registered office and company secretary services, ensuring compliance with the legal requirements of managing a company. Our team of dedicated professional support staff  ensure that setting up a new company is a seamless and stress-free process. So the entrepreneur has one less thing to worry about!

But forming the company is just the beginning. Establishing a web presence is vital in today's market place. Registering a domain name at the point of incorporation makes sense. By registering a domain name at the outset not only can businesses match their domain name to the company name but also ensure no-one else can use that name. Businesses may even want to secure more than one domain name to further protect their business identity. We'll assist here too and we can help create a range of business email addresses unique to the company and develop a website.

As the company grows we can provide the documents and assistance needed to help with restructuring, bringing in new funding and additional shareholders and taking the company to the next stage of expansion. We'll make sure that the corporate documentation is up to date and reflects the entrepreneur's wishes.

Jordans supports new entrepreneurs and we welcome any initiative that helps Britain’s pool of entrepreneurial talent realise its potential and boosts our economy.

So let’s all support Start up Britain and help develop a country of business for the future.

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