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Articles of Association: It pays to be prepared

08 Oct 2015
During the process of forming your company, you will have an important choice: What Articles of Association (‘Articles’) will you use? Perhaps you think the Model Articles will suit you fine but consider this, they have been prepared to work for all companies, large and small, general and niche. If your company is unique, your articles may need to be too. Articles are the... Read More AboutArticles of Association: It pays to be prepared »

By Karen Bowley

Family businesses – fair shares?

14 Feb 2014
Family dynamics are such that within family businesses there is greater potential for disagreement than in other types of business. Conflict can often arise around the issue of shares. But much of this can be avoided by making changes to the constitution ( the articles ) of the company from the outset. Here are our top 10 points to consider in this area before taking the... Read More AboutFamily businesses – fair shares? »

By Adrian Healey

Incorporating Academy Schools

14 Feb 2014
An academy is a centrally funded independent state school run by an Academy Trust.  The Academies Act 2010 received Royal Assent on 27 July 2010.  Since then, all maintained schools have been able to apply to become an academy.  There are currently more than 800 academies open and over 1350 schools have applied to become academies since June 2010.  The legislation... Read More AboutIncorporating Academy Schools »

By Wendy Rees

Joint shareholders Q and As

14 Feb 2014
A quick round-up of frequently asked questions. Q : Do joint shareholders have equal rights? A : The simple and straightforward answer is “no”. Under s286 of the CA06 (previously regulation 55 of Table A) the first person named in the register of members (the senior holder) has the right to vote at meetings, appoint a proxy and sign a shareholders' written resolution... Read More AboutJoint shareholders Q and As »

By Adrian Healey

Right to manage companies - your questions answered

26 Jan 2015
Q:  What is a Right to Manage Company? A:  Right to Manage Companies (RTMs) were introduced for the protection and benefit of flat owners in shared buildings.  In the past, some freehold owners of blocks of flats abused their position by either charging exorbitant service charges and/or failing to adequately maintain the common parts.  It was difficult for... Read More AboutRight to manage companies - your questions answered »

By Karen Bowley


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