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Can I incorporate my new company during Christmas?

10 Dec 2015
This is one of our most frequently asked questions this time of year. While everyone is feeling festive and maybe even enjoying a cup of cheer, you may need to register a new company. At this time of year, timescales are subject to change and deadlines can be earlier, so it is important to plan ahead and make sure you have all the required details in hand when you’re ready to form... Read More AboutCan I incorporate my new company during Christmas? »

By Lee Date

Can I incorporate my new company on a specific day?

16 Dec 2015
Following up on our previous blog, this is another question our company formation team is asked quite frequently. While it is possible, there are some restrictions to keep in mind. Occasionally new business owners ask about specific dates because it may carry special significance. In most cases, however, speed is the prevailing reason for a specific or same day company incorporation. ... Read More AboutCan I incorporate my new company on a specific day? »

By Rebecca Tasker

Can I get a readymade company?

13 Jan 2016
What is a readymade company? A readymade company, also known as an ‘off-the-shelf’ company, is one that already exists. A private limited company pre-registered at Companies House that has never traded, but is ready to use immediately. Once a popular method through which to set up a new company due to the lengthy incorporation process, today there are few advantages to... Read More AboutCan I get a readymade company? »

By Karen Bowley

What is a Process Agent?

12 Sep 2016
Process agent. It sounds a bit ominous, doesn’t it? Like a menacing villain in a James Bond film. He’s bringing something, but it isn’t flowers. The good news is process agents are actually quite useful and can be helpful in certain types of business transactions involving court proceedings. This week we are spotlighting process agents with our sister company, Jordans Trust Company. ... Read More AboutWhat is a Process Agent? »

By Karen Bowley

5 Key Benefits of a Property Management Company

19 Jun 2015
Trying to decide if a property management company is right for you? A property management company may be the ideal solution if the leaseholders share a building that has been separated into individually owned and occupied units. It is also appropriate where the leaseholders or freeholders of units within a development share common amenities such as private roads, pumping... Read More About5 Key Benefits of a Property Management Company »

By Karen Bowley

Jordans Employee Spotlight: Glenys Copeland

08 Jun 2015
Over one hundred years of experience can be found within the Jordans Limited Company Formation team, and thirty-seven of those belong to Glenys Copeland. She is one of our most experienced Company Formation Executives. Usually found on the phone advising our clients about forming a variety of companies or helping to manage the flow of information exchanged with Companies House, she has... Read More AboutJordans Employee Spotlight: Glenys Copeland »

By Carol Prince
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