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How do I correct a mistake on the public register for my company?

02 Dec 2016
Occasionally, we get questions from clients about how to fix errors about their company on the public register. The source of the errors may be for a variety of reasons, but the path to getting them corrected is usually by using the form RP02A. What is the form RP02A? The RP02A form is required by Companies House when you need to rectify information about your company. If... Read More AboutHow do I correct a mistake on the public register for my company? »

By Karen Bowley

Top tips on choosing a company formation service provider

14 Feb 2014
In a previous post, we explored how in recent years the company formation process has become faster and slicker. Whilst all this is true, it’s easy to make sacrifices at the altar of convenience. Forming your own company is an important step to take and carries with it serious, legal obligations. So, before you click "OK", consider these factors: ... Read More AboutTop tips on choosing a company formation service provider »

By Carol Prince

Company formation - just as it should be

14 Feb 2014
The company formation industry today is very different to the one I joined more years ago than I care to admit to here. Back then, incorporating a limited company was a long, slow, rather languorous affair that could last several weeks. These days, it’s barely a one-night stand! Even the 1985 Companies Act did little to speed up a process that had remained largely unchanged for... Read More AboutCompany formation - just as it should be »

By Carol Prince

Family businesses – fair shares?

14 Feb 2014
Family dynamics are such that within family businesses there is greater potential for disagreement than in other types of business. Conflict can often arise around the issue of shares. But much of this can be avoided by making changes to the constitution ( the articles ) of the company from the outset. Here are our top 10 points to consider in this area before taking the... Read More AboutFamily businesses – fair shares? »

By Adrian Healey

Non-executive directors - making or breaking a business?

14 Feb 2014
Are you a non-executive director? Do you have non-execs on your board? Along with directors’ remuneration, one topic of conversation that never seems to be out of the headlines these days is the role of non-executive directors (“NEDs”) and their impact on the companies that they are appointed to. In response, the Institute of Chartered Secretaries (“ICSA”) has recently published... Read More AboutNon-executive directors - making or breaking a business? »

By Guest Blogger

Joint shareholders Q and As

14 Feb 2014
A quick round-up of frequently asked questions. Q : Do joint shareholders have equal rights? A : The simple and straightforward answer is “no”. Under s286 of the CA06 (previously regulation 55 of Table A) the first person named in the register of members (the senior holder) has the right to vote at meetings, appoint a proxy and sign a shareholders' written resolution... Read More AboutJoint shareholders Q and As »

By Adrian Healey
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