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The top 5 most popular sensitive words for company names

04 Jan 2016
Don't get caught out by ‘Sensitive words and expressions’ The importance of choosing a successful business name seems quite simple, doesn’t it? This single aspect of registering a new company is a critical piece of the puzzle you don’t want to catch you out. What are sensitive words and expressions? Certain words and phrases, because of their potential to mislead,... Read More AboutThe top 5 most popular sensitive words for company names »

By Karen Bowley

Can I reserve a company name?

19 Jan 2016
This is another common company formation question. There is no mechanism that allows you to reserve a company name with the intention of incorporating the company at a later date. So, the simple answer is no, it is not possible to reserve a company name . If you are concerned about someone else taking a specific name, then the only way to safeguard this is to register a company... Read More AboutCan I reserve a company name? »

By Tom Wakerley

Company names - obligations to display

14 Feb 2014
Displaying the registered name at company premises Every trading company must display its registered name at its registered office and at any other ‘inspection place’.  This would be any location where the company keeps its statutory documents. available for inspection. The registered name also has to be displayed at any location where the company carries on... Read More AboutCompany names - obligations to display »

By Adrian Healey

Incorporating Academy Schools

14 Feb 2014
An academy is a centrally funded independent state school run by an Academy Trust.  The Academies Act 2010 received Royal Assent on 27 July 2010.  Since then, all maintained schools have been able to apply to become an academy.  There are currently more than 800 academies open and over 1350 schools have applied to become academies since June 2010.  The legislation... Read More AboutIncorporating Academy Schools »

By Wendy Rees


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