Avoiding the “bad debt multiplier effect”: how to manage your company’s credit risk

26 Oct 2017
The management of risk should be a key performance indicator for any business – a poor decision or mistake in this area could prove very expensive.  So up-to-date business information has a vital role to play in minimizing risk and supporting more accurate business decisions. In a trade credit environment where supplies are made to customers on short-term credit of up to 90 days, the... Read More AboutAvoiding the “bad debt multiplier effect”: how to manage your company’s credit risk »

By Ray Ruffels

Jordans announces first interlinked e-verification service and company formation platform

26 Oct 2017
Jordans is the first corporate service provider to link its comprehensive AML (Anti Money Laundering) system to its company formation platform through a single sign-on facility. Until now, many professional firms have been forming companies and then completing their due diligence at a later date. Yet this approach doesn’t allow a fully informed decision or reveal issues that could make a... Read More AboutJordans announces first interlinked e-verification service and company formation platform »

By Amanda Barnes

Jordans' Ray Ruffels named Chair for BIPA

24 Oct 2017
Ray Ruffels, Managing Director of Business Information Services at Jordans, has become Chair of Business Information Providers Association (BIPA). Formerly its Vice Chair, Ray will now Chair BIPA, an organisation which has two primary purposes. Firstly, to promote economic growth by facilitating access to business information as used by the credit reference agencies. This information is... Read More AboutJordans' Ray Ruffels named Chair for BIPA »

By Amanda Barnes

Is company secretarial software right for me?

14 Jun 2017
Every company has certain statutory obligations that it needs to fulfil. Keeping on top of them can be a drain on valuable resources that might be more profitably employed elsewhere in your business. Whether you’re responsible for the Companies House compliance of a single company, the management of a golf club with hundreds of members, or are a professional adviser managing a larger... Read More AboutIs company secretarial software right for me? »

By Wendy Rees

Your company formation questions answered

09 May 2017
What are the top 10 questions asked when forming a limited company?   The process of forming a new limited company can be daunting and quite possibly the first legal hurdle you will need to cross before launching your business. Although there are no forms to sign and the process of incorporation is relatively quick and simple, you will need to ensure you have all the... Read More AboutYour company formation questions answered »

By Tom Wakerley

Latest UK company formation statistics

20 Mar 2017
The latest UK company formation statistics are now available. Compilied using data supplied from Jordans Business Information services, the company formation statistics continue to indicate a strong growth in the number of new companies incorporated throughout the UK.   Statistics for January 2017 The map below demonstrates the distribution by region of... Read More AboutLatest UK company formation statistics »

By Denise Sebastian

Articles of Association – Get it right at the start

15 Mar 2017
All companies require either the model articles or bespoke articles of association upon incorporation and it is these articles which outline the rules that the company’s officers must adhere to when running the company. It is often the case that these articles should be as unique as your business and therefore, during the company formation process, we offer a choice of... Read More AboutArticles of Association – Get it right at the start »

By Karen Bowley

How do I correct a mistake on the public register for my company?

02 Dec 2016
Occasionally, we get questions from clients about how to fix errors about their company on the public register. The source of the errors may be for a variety of reasons, but the path to getting them corrected is usually by using the form RP02A. What is the form RP02A? The RP02A form is required by Companies House when you need to rectify information about your company. If... Read More AboutHow do I correct a mistake on the public register for my company? »

By Karen Bowley

Property management companies: Limited by shares or guarantee?

20 Oct 2016
As buy-to-let properties continue to increase in popularity, we have been seeing an increase in the number of requests we get for property management company formations. We also get a lot of questions about which is the best route to incorporation for this type of company - limited by shares or by guarantee? Let’s take a closer look at the company types to help determine which one... Read More AboutProperty management companies: Limited by shares or guarantee? »

By Karen Bowley

What is a Process Agent?

12 Sep 2016
Process agent. It sounds a bit ominous, doesn’t it? Like a menacing villain in a James Bond film. He’s bringing something, but it isn’t flowers. The good news is process agents are actually quite useful and can be helpful in certain types of business transactions involving court proceedings. This week we are spotlighting process agents with our sister company, Jordans Trust Company. ... Read More AboutWhat is a Process Agent? »

By Karen Bowley


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